We get it! You think that paying the processing fees for your customers premium credit cards are just ‘the cost of doing business’. After all, paying an extra full percentage point above interchange fees (or higher) is just baked in and normal to stay in business, right? We say, WRONG!

Consider this, credit cards are so easy to use, so convenient that the credit card issuers just have to create programs that encourage brand loyalty and regular usage. The program is typically cash back or travel rewards. Roughly 50% of all cards issued today have some kind of ‘reward’ program. All the consumer has to do to accumulate these rewards is to use the card.

The missing piece in all of this is how are the rewards paid for? The answer, from you, the merchant that pays to process these transactions.


With each credit card transaction, an associated fee is charged. The amount of the fee will vary greatly based on the interchange rate associated with that particular card. Mileage, travel, points, cash back and other premium cards have a significantly higher interchange rates. Who pays for that rate difference? You do!

The credit card companies have multi-million dollar marketing campaigns to push credit card programs that appear to be illustrating how gracious these companies are by offering ‘rewards’ programs. But, it’s also a well-known fact that the terms of these programs tend to be very restrictive thus many ‘rewards’ are never actually redeemed.

The problem for you, is you are making these small, incremental payments to the credit card companies with each swipe, card insert or online payment that pays for something that does not benefit you. This ‘cost of doing business’ may eventually put you out of business. In a nutshell, you are either paying for rewards or lining the pockets of the credit card companies.

The solution is to offer your customers/clients the option of paying via credit card, cash or check but not pay for the cost to process their specific card interchange rates. You pay exactly 0%. Gas stations have a cash vs credit price and most payment portals online charge a convenience fee to cover the cost to process credit cards. Why don’t you?

The best advise we can give is to look into the options available to you. Status quo with rising processing costs should not be your burden to bear. We would like to introduce you to a new program. The name of this program is the Cash Discount Program. It’s critical to select the right Cash Discount Program. We’ll tell you why. Please give us a call at 720-502-8260 or fill out the form below.

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