What can possibly be the biggest challenge faced by auto service repair facilities in this year? Some insights have been given by automotive market research firm IMR Inc.

IMR officials reported that the biggest challenges for the independent automotive repair shop owners and technicians in 2020 include getting time for active training (42.6%),

keeping up with trends in diagnostic advances (31.6%), staying up-to-date with the vehicle technology advances (31.1%) and looking for good, qualified, motivated and knowledgeable technicians (29.2%).

They added that in spite of emphasizing importance of diagnostic technology, just 18% shops having one to three bays considered it a priority in comparison with 37.1% shops having four to seven bays and other 38.3% shops having more than eight bays.

Additionally, as automotive shops are aimed at staying up-to-date with the technological advancements relating with the vehicles (31.1%) and considered it a challenge, they also are well-aware of the fact that their technicians will particularly face this challenge of being skilled enough to repair every vehicle type (17.5%) which involve new, old, imported, electric vehicles etc.

Handling the skills shortage in the auto industry

A shortage of skills is one of the major issues this industry is facing. Such a challenge needs to be addressed properly. So, the solution may also involve the finding of a number of ways in order to make the industry attractive to young generation so that they can get a new generation of talent. Such ways include;

  • Increasing wages and profits
  • Improving culture by making attractive workplaces
  • Getting more trainees and mentees
  • Selling benefits of an auto career
  • Sorting out ways to give competition to better paying industries such as mining

Keeping pace with ever-changing technology

Nowadays, our industry is changing so rapidly that it is not easy to follow. The factor of changing technology is among the top five challenges faced by the industry. Mobile mechanics also considered it the overall biggest challenge.

To keep the pace with the changing technology may consume a considerable part of your money and time, but your business is sure to last long if you keep investing in training and tools.

Shortages of parts

A novel challenge surfaced this year which is parts shortage. A global shortage of semiconductor had a huge impact on almost everything from the spare parts availability to the vehicle manufacturing.

Approaching technical information

The access to the much needed technical information remains one of the top five challenges in this industry. Capricorn Service Data provides timely access for a wide range of service information online, which covers a large number of vehicles and the manufacturers’ schedules for service, illustration of service, time of repair and also an estimate calculator.

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