It’s not uncommon for us to call on a merchant that starts getting emotional about what we are proposing. In many cases, these merchants think that they are stuck with the headaches, confusion and perpetual expense of their current processing plan. The relief on their face is such a great feeling to witness and helps us re-focus on why we do this.

Here is a common scenario where a merchant would rather get a root canal than speak with a merchant salesperson. We walk into their establishment, they see us and smile thinking we are a customer. The second they find out that we are in merchant sales, their countenance changes immediately. We are a paint point to them. Or, we call a prospect and get a nice greeting on the phone. When they realize that we are in merchant sales, it’s not uncommon to get hung up on. We get it! The industry has developed a reputation over the years as pushy, salesy, expensive and with minimal support to the customer.

Most merchants feel like they don’t have a choice and the merchant processing company that they chose to do business with is just the lesser of multiple evils. Sadly, it’s hard to argue our way out of this reality for many merchants that have had these experiences. Well, we want to change not only the reputation of the industry but the expectations that merchants have of the industry.

One way that this can be accomplished is through more transparent and less confusing programs. Interchange and tiered pricing is simply confusing to most people. Along came the cash discount program. This program absolutely simplifies the merchants business but even more important, lowers the cost of being in business.

Our question to you is, if you didn’t have to dread breaking down the code for your merchant statement, knew exactly what you were going to pay each month in merchant fees, felt properly supported when the need arises, how much would that lighten the load on you and make running a business more enjoyable? We know the answer! Our cash discount program has virtually no drawbacks, offers peace of mind and is likely the last merchant program you will ever need. So, let’s get started?

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