Sporting, Outfitting & Adventure

Cash Discount Program

As a recreation, outfitting & outdoor adventure business, every penny counts. The cash discount program empowers business owners by offsetting an expense and increase your margins.

Take control of these processing fees by giving the customer the option to save money by paying cash. If they prefer to use a credit card, no problem but you as the merchant should not have to pay for their mileage points or other reward cards.

The cash discount program will streamline your business, your expenses and the hassle of scrutinizing your typical merchant processing bill. If you are concerned about customers paying in cash, we would recommend a point of sale system that logs every detail of the process (from staff hours, to inventory and final invoice & payment.

Pain Points


Unpredictable Rates

With so many reward and premium cards, you are paying a higher rate to process those cards. Why?


Less Cash Flow

What would you do with the money you are not paying in processing charges?


Higher Credit Card Usage

With almost 90% of all transaction using a credit or debit card, your costs will continue to escalate.


Low Flat Fee Pricing

The cost to the merchant is typically a low, flat fee. The monthly fee may vary by volume but generally, it should be a nominal fee.

No Contracts

If any cash discount provider has a merchant contract (not the application), I would suggest being very skeptical.

No Hidden Costs

No hidden fees, no annual fees or monthly minimums. Some processor require a PCI, compliance or comptibility fee.

Typical Objections

We already have a good rate. Why switch?

When you pay processing fees, a good rate always loses to no rate every time. This would be similar to saying “we only pay $1,000 per month in processing” versus paying zero in processing fees. The only scenario where paying a processing fee is better is if you process less than $1,000 per month (at a 2.5% rate).

Will I lose customers?

Consumers know that someone has to pay the costs of processing credit cards. Bottom line is some consumers will ask about the increase cost but mostly people understand it. Gas stations and some other industries have had cash pricing or credit card convenience fees for decades. It’s time to pull the band aid off and get the consumer accustomed to the new normal.

We already build processing fees into our pricing

So, you are punishing your cash customers? Why not keep your pricing as competitive as possible for your products or service but pass on the processing costs to the credit card holder?

Can I use my current terminal/POS?

In most cases, the answer is yes. But, if security, compliance, compatibility and fraud with your current hardware is a possible issue, a change may be required.

Do you offer a trial period?

Everyday is a trial period as you have no obligation to continue with the program.



I was concerned that many of my customers would have an issue with the cash discount deal. A couple people asked but no one walked.

Jim W.

Tire Shop

I was skeptical but after seeing my first statement and not seeing any drop-off in business, I was able to breath again.

Maria Z.


I was getting out of the business. Selling a Pepsi was costing me money. When he came in the door, I did not believe it. Now I can sleep and am keeping business.

Mr. Singh

Convenience, Neighborhood Store