Catchy title, huh?

Here’s how it applies to you. You continue to pay for an expense that until recently has been your burden to bear. That whole ‘cost of doing business’ mantra is really no longer true. You may be saying that everyone is so used to the way it has been for so long that I’m afraid of making the change. While that may be a legit concern, it’s also keeping you trapped in a mindset that is more concerned with change than rational, money saving thought.

Imagine being so concerned about something, that you have the ability to change, but don’t. A change that will have an immediate impact on your bottom line. A change that will be inevitable sooner or later.

We say, rip the Band Aid off and get rid of what has become an all to familiar comfort zone, accepting that you must pay your customer/client fees for them to use a credit card. You don’t! Rip the Band Aid off and start putting those merchant fees to better, more profitable use.


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