Paymentz is a complete payment processing and invoicing suite. It’s ideal for one-time or recurring payments. With the vast majority of consumers (B2C), businesses (B2B) and government (B2G) entities preferring to pay by credit/debit cards or eChecks (ACH), it’s absolutely essential to accept alternative forms of payment when compared to the antiquated check writing, envelope addressing & stamp licking methods. With the proliferation of personal and corporate credit/debit cards and other electronic payment options, give your clients & customers better, safer options while also getting paid much faster. 
Gone are the days of ‘the check is in the mail’ syndrome.

Swift. Secure. Optimized.

Transact swiftly and securely with our breakthrough Payment Cards Industry (PCI) Level 1 compliant paymentz processing platform. Eliminate chargebacks, increase approvals and reduce false declines. Our platform supports 3D secure transactions, protecting merchants from the all-to-common “friendly fraud” lurking everywhere.

Our platform exceeds the needs of every industry, providing rapid 3rd party integrations (takes 10 minutes or less), built-in multilevel interchange optimization for those that accept credit cards and do not want to offer dual pricing/cash discounting/surcharging/hybrid options to their customers.

We have *card present and card not present options available. *Card present options may have slightly different program details.


Get. Paid. Faster.

Eliminate as much friction as possible for timely receivable paymentz. Most written/printed checks are friction and are done when it’s convenient or for B2B’s and B2G’s when their payable runs are scheduled. Meaning, you get paid when it’s best for them.

With our platform, you set it, forget it and then see it (in your bank account).  Paymentz minimizes ‘float’ by lessening friction to pay. Many consumers, businesses, government entities want to use their credit/debit cards for convenience, speed, deferred payment and all the perks that run with using these cards. Let them! Others, prefer to use electronic checks (or ACH) so as to avoid finance charges and the headaches of processing paper checks.

We urge you to let you customers pay how they prefer but that speeds up the process for you to get paid faster.


Simple. Convenient. Paymentz.

Our payment platform was designed for the very small to mid-sized operators that wants to speed up receivable payments, offer better payment options and simplify the entire process.

Our user interface is easy to use. No background in bookkpeeing or accounting is necessary.  Our user interface is convenient and typically takes less than 5 minutes to setup a customer/client and send off your request for payment. Paymentz is an all-inclusive invoicing and payment processing suite that helps you focus on your priorities and minimizes the hassle and time suck of collecting receivables.


Add’l Product Features

Email Link To Pay Option

Text Link To Pay Option

Pay Now (Static) Payment Site

Secure Customer Vault

Sensitive Data Tokenized

Smart Routing

Custom User Access

Multi MID Capabilities

Set Custom Batch Times

Automated Surcharge/Dual Pricing Options

Customizable 10 Module Fraud Protection

Support As Needed


Benefits To You

Eliminate Friction To Request Payment(s)

Offer Multiple Payment Options

Get Paid Faster

One Centralized Dashboard (Or, Integrate)

Set It & Forget It (Timed &  Recurring)

Offer Payment or Installment Options

Lower Processing Rates (Level 2 & 3)

3D Security (Fraud & Chargebacks)

Works With Any Internet Connection Device

Multiple Users (Customize As Needed)

Customize/Automate Credit Card Surcharging Costs

Offer Installment Purchases (If Desired)

No Lost Or Handled Checks

Separates You From Your Competitors


Benefits To Your Clients

Eliminate Friction To Make Payment(s)

Choose Payment Type

Use CC Points/Perks

Approve Payment Without Re-Imputting (Via Tokenized Data)

Pay From Text/Email Links or Hosted Payment Page

Pay Over Time (Installments- If Offered))

Reminders For Payment

One-Time Data Entry

Choices of Payment Types

Secure Payment Credentials


Saves Time

No Need To Write, Stamp & Send Checks


Your Paymentz Processing Platform is an all-inclusive technology, security, invoicing, interchange optimizing, payment processing, time-saving, headache avoiding, cash flow hero.
Access to the Paymentz Platform can be fully utilized for:
FREE 30 DAY TRIAL. (Paymentz product only. Does not include any third party costs) Pricing starts at $19.95 per month thereafter (Paymentz fee may be completely waived if certain processing volume is met). *Plus a one-time $50.00 $250.00 set up fee. Waived Until July 31st, 2022

*Credit/debit card processor fees may vary depending on program chosen. Credit/debit card processing fees may be completely eliminated or significantly reduced with our dual pricing/cash discount/surcharge option(s). Third party fees are not included.


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