Online Payments

The trend is undeniable. Online apps, virtual terminals and on-the-go payment technologies are slowly but surely taking over how payments are made. If you offer a product or service that is not dependent on your customer/client to be present, now is the time to start considering your online/on-the-go payment options. 


Our Paymentz gateway is not your average payment only portal. It’s a complete invoicing, one-time pay, recurring, multi-payment processing powerhouse. Perhaps the greatest feature of Paymentz is it’s ability to help you get paid faster. By minimizing payment friction and offering a payment option that is best suited for your customers & clients, you speed up the process thereby minimizing payment float and cash flow headaches.

Our platform exceeds the needs of virtually every industry, providing rapid 3rd party integrations including Quickbooks, Netsuite and many others (takes 10 minutes or less), automated interchange optimization with Level 2 & 3 processing.

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PayFac-as-a-Service (PaaS)

If you are in ISV or web/software developer that is looking for an fully integrated payment solution without the significant cost of paying for your own payment facilitation, we have a game changer for you. The best part isn’t the seemless simplicity of the integration or the fact that it takes much less time that you may think. The best part is that you can now start making money from each transaction on the payment processing (not just your revenue).

You worked hard to create something worthwhile. Something that makes life easier for your clients and customers. Let us help you maximize each opportunity.

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As you are well aware, more and more businesses are going online. Having reliable payment processing is critical to your future success. Security is paramount as well with our customizable 3D Secure and built-in fraud protection features, we’ll limit your exposure to friendly and not so friendly fraud.

Our API’s are very clean and user friendly. The typical frustrations and headaches associated with poorly written code are virtually non-existent.

  • Hosted payment pages
  • Tokenized payments
  • Safe and secure




On The Go Payments

Handheld payment terminals and/or payment links make transactions convenient, safe and seemless. Capturing card infomation and charging on the go has never been easier.

Take control and make payments on the go a simple, easy to use benefit. Your customers and clients want to pay remotely. Don’t stand in the way. Get paid faster!

  • Great for field personel
  • Payment Links (email and/or SMS)
  • EMV Readers available
  • Swipe or Contactless


Payment Processing

If you sell good and/or services, you should strongly consider having multiple payment options. Since cash and paper checks are no longer a preferred form of payment, credit cards, debit card, eChecks (ACH) and Real-Time Payments should all be considered. Accept forms of payment that your customers prefer. It’s convenient and increases opportunities.

If you think accepting credit cards is expensive, please click the link to learn about programs that can eliminate or greatly reduce your credit card processing costs.

To learn more about various payment processing programs:

Credit & Debit

ACH & eChecks

Real-Time Payments

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