You’ll want to read this if you are contemplating a cash discount program. 

Most merchants start seeing the benefits of a cash discount program pretty early after the program is presented. Some will just resist, regardless. No shaming or blaming but we all have our reason for doing what we do. This post is not intended to help someone decide the pros and cons of a cash discount but rather, the differences in the programs. 

If a merchant is close to making a decision on a cash discount program, the benefits, etc the  one thing we must ask you to consider is not the program itself but the why of using the merchant processor that administers the cash discount program. After all, most CDP’s are very similar. 1) The pricing is basically the same or very similiar, 2) the merchant statement is simplified, 3) the merchant pays a small monthly administrative fee, etc. 

While the reason’s listed above are pretty compelling, the items left out are noteworthy. The most significant reasons that you should our selected CDP processor is absolutely, positively essential. 1) support (doesn’t need further explanation if you have ever been frustrated with a processor), 2) no contracts (this forces processors to be exceptionally good at # 1, support. And, 3) no leases. Leases are simply a way to force merchants to stay with a particular processor for a defined period of time. If you suck at # 1 (support), you will most likely require # 2 (no contracts) and # 3 terminal/equipment leases. If your support is top notch, contracts and leases are completely unnecessary.

The pros of a solid cash discount program are significant but having the wrong processor is equally significant. Having qualified over 20 CDP processors, we have without question found the one that we can confidently do business with. Truth is, there isn’t a close second. 

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