Mobile Payments

If you require payment acceptance in the field, we have you covered. Mobile payments are critical for many businesses. We have multiple options that allow for card acceptance via terminal, mobile app or dongle. If you offer a product or service that is dependent on your customers & client to be present, now is the time to start considering your on-the-go, mobile payment options. 

Mobile Tech

The use case for your business typically determines the best mobile solution. From WiFi enabled terminals to mobile apps to bluetooth dongles, we have solutionz that will allow you to accept payments in the field, onsite or away from the office. 

From contractors to food trucks and everything in between, we are able to offer the solution that increases efficiency, speed of payment, while minimizing headaches and redundancy.



Virtual Terminal

Our mobile solutions integrate with a virtual terminal. Thus, when a payment is made in the field will show up on your virtual terminal as ‘paid’. 

Additionally, with the virtual terminal, all line items and account details can be pre-filled so that you’re not having to fiddle with it when your with the customer/client.

The VT is invaluable if WiFi or Cell service is not available or slow while in the field. Payment links can be forwarded in lieu of a mobile payment.

Marketing & Promotion

With the virtual terminal, you can create one-time or ongoing marketing & promotion pieces. This is a great feature to stay in front of your customers and clients. Service reminders, seasonal promotions, VIP offers, new products/menu items or discounts offered can be sent via email and/or SMS.

Your customers and clients will see that the promotion/reminder came directly from you and not a third party, thereby increasing your chances of engagement and new business.




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