Besides a ready, willing and able buyer, you need profit (generally speaking, of course). In commercial real estate, one of the metrics for maximizing profitability is minimizing expenses while maximizing potential (a fully leased building). Expenses are incurred whether the building is empty or fully leased. If expenses are mostly the same, the way to maximize profit is the fully lease the building.

So, how does this apply to you, the small business owner? It’s a great question. Think of the commercial real estate example but in reverse. Let’s say that you have 5 productive employees that work 8 hours per day. Their production is achieved during those 8 hours shifts. Meaning, the business profitability is constrained to 200 hours per week or 800 hours per month. Like a fully leased commercial building, you only have a couple options to increase profitability (assumes not staff additions). Raise your rates or lower your expenses.

In all likelihood, your merchant account is a dust collector. You avoid it like the plague because it’s a difficult to understand but necessary cost. While processing credit cards is an absolute, how people perceive this necessary evil is slowly but surely changing.

The cash discount program that we now exclusively recommend is a game changer. What happens to you business if you instantly cease paying a percentage of the cost to process your customers credit cards? If you ever sell, like the commercial real estate example, you just increased the divide between expenses and income. You just increased your profitability by making one small but significant change. What makes your business more valuable? Fewer expenses!!!

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