The garage bays of PARKER, Colo are constantly full of business at the Pride Auto Care of Parker. Its co-owner Vincent Pridemore told that last year, they were afraid of the downfall of business. They were mentally prepared to face the worst last year, but, surprisingly, nothing such happened and everything went quite well. It resulted in a great business year.

Almost a similar trend was seen at most of the country’s auto repair shops.

Dwight Pridemore shared his observation that people are nowadays considering to keep their cars for a longer time. There is a new trend regarding their decisions of buying a new car and on the other hand, not letting go of the older one.

A great number of shop owners from all over the country got together at Transformers Institute Convention held at Colorado Springs in the month of August. The agreement was quite clear: Business is all-encompassing.

The CEO of Transformers Institute Greg Bunch pointed out an economic instability. In business, some people are probably doing quite well. Some are not sure what is gonna happen to their business. So, people don’t want to confront a car payment of $800.

Bunch also highlighted another new issue of chip shortage of new cars as well as extremely elevated prices of old and used cars. In return, a huge number of car owners like to stick with their outdated cars and to maintain them in a good state with the help of regular tune-ups.

Dwight Pridemore regarded it as a good, while saying that nowadays cars are far more reliable than they were in the past. A little TLC is enough to keep them steady for many upcoming years.

The demand was rising, so the Pridemores also raised the number of staff in order to keep up. Bunch considers it another new trend spreading across the country.

With the increasing demand, novel issues are also arising. A major issue is the shortage of parts.

A well-known auto repair company in Florida is Elite Motor Works LLC. Its owner, Jamie Caldwell considers all this additional business good upto an extent. He said that a point comes when you cannot provide good service to your customers anymore, due to the reason that they want you to fix their car, understandably. When they don’t get what they asked for, customers get upset. It also means that you offered a disservice, which is roughly moving backwards.

According to Bunch, this auto repair boom is not going to end anytime soon. He predicted that the upcoming five years in this industry will be good with respect to business, because the number of cars would increase tremendously on the roads of the United States due to warranty. Such an increase will be historical.

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