Home service business industry, undoubtedly, is a big hit today. It has become evident that good-quality service is mandatory to the customers’ trust and is essential for business survival. Let’s have a look at top trends in the home service business which will give you an insight in this increasingly popular landscape.

1. Older Homeowners Drives Spending

This market is driven by older homeowners both in terms of market share size and overall spending affordability. As of 2015, such clients were 51% which may reach upto 54% while reaching 2020. Such clients are regular users of social media, so platforms like Facebook can be used to approach them.

2. Hard-to-find Talent Pool

Like most industries, finding the right talent pool is a major issue here. Young generation wants the best work environment, therefore you need to focus more on improved career pathways, better learning experiences, a good employee experience and provision of best communication tools.

3. Highly Fragmented Business Market Meets Aggregation

Home service market has proven highly fragmented. Low entry barrier and a great number of bad service workers are there. So, the providers need to give the best offers including all benefits and superior service to stay competent.

4. Greater Commodification of Services

Due to the technological advancements like HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, Amazon Home Services, Local Services by Google and so on, consumers are now left with a variety of options. So they focus more on the quality of service based on customer reviews, price and response time.

5. On-demand and online home service market with bundling offers

In addition to the on-demand services, consumers also look for simple ways for booking related services package. So, the providers should also consider bundling their services with related and relevant services customers cherish. In this way, you can get more business traffic.

6. Technology is altering the home service industry hugely and rapidly

Embracing technological opportunities to improve your business will always prove fruitful for your business and will get you more customers when you make things easier for them. New technologies for visualization have made it a lot more convenient to keep an eye on every detail of your service. 

7. Luxuries turn necessities

Due to on-demand economy, a new workers class is born which falls somewhere between a company’s employees and a self-employed freelancers.

This workers class has enhanced the spending capacity in a number of cases and they are willing to spend it over home services, which were considered luxuries in the past. Flexible as well as attractive price options can be offered to the customers for the services of such workers, which will be vital for business survival.

  1. 8.Evolution of client communication channels

Nowadays there is a huge growth in the service provider-client communication. Recent studies indicate that 56% consumers would contact a business platform rather than calling for customer service. This ensures a bright future for home service businesses.

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