Being part-owner of a contractor marketing agency gave me enough know-how of the contractors’ way to a successful business of up to 7, 8 figures.

If you are also planning to create your own contracting business from scratch and need to learn that how you can grow it massively and turn it into a highly successful home improvement business, you need to keep these points in your mind.

1. Systems = success

The best-selling author of The Sellability Score, John Wrrillow considers system very crucial in the success of your business.

John Suttor’s Built to Sell is a great book to read if you want guidance on how to make business decisions, service your clients and keep your business growing day-to-day.

2. Your brand is by your employees, not by your logo

The Blue Collar Success Group’s founder, Kenny Chapman stresses on working on your employees and encouraging them so that they do their best for your business.

Home service expert, Tommy Mello attributed the growth of his company to $30 million to his happy team.

  1. 3.Always be aware of where you stand and what you want

Stay tuned with your material costs, payrolls, and also revenue projections; do it yourself or hire an expert for this in case you cannot keep up with this. In latter case, lend your energies to other business-related things. Getting an expert saves your precious money and time.

4. A little collaboration can produce long-term effects

A good friend of mine, Tom Reber told me that during driving, whenever he sees an another company’s vehicle, he quickly did the math and estimated if he can be their potential partner, and then dialed their number to ask for collaboration. Such interactions builds your relationships which prove great for your business. So, all you need to do is overcome your demons and build fruitful relationships.

5. Be known about your product quality, not the price

Kenny Chapman of The Blue Collar Success Group said that you should be well-aware of what are you best at, do your best to provide quality service and then go for charging what you are worth.

6. Ultimatums benefit no one

Contractor Selling’s Joe Crisara gives an idea to divide the pricing into three tiers. Most expensive one might scare people away, however, it also settles down in the minds of your clients and they find the middle and entry-level pricing option a lot more appealing.

7. Don’t tell them you are good, show them you are good!

This is the most common mistake committed by contractors. Marketing Director of Parker & Sons Plumbing as well as owner of RevuKangaroo advises to stop telling everyone how good your service or product is and allow your clients to find it out.

Final words

Whether you are initiating a home service business or you are trying to make your already existing company more profitable, one thing is confirm-it’s achievable.

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