I’m not sure if I would rather post a picture of myself or get a root canal. Anywho, I’m more than just a pretty face. I’m all about helping people. I’m passionate about small business and those that run them. Like you, I am not adverse to risk. I’m much more adverse to sitting back and watching things happen. I’m guessing that’s you, too.

Running a small business is not as sexy as most people may think. It’s more than hard work and more than hoping things work out. It’s all on you to make smart business decisions, creating systems and processes, hiring the right people, managing payroll and inventory with the long term goal of creating a profitable business that funds your current and future lifestyle.




Hopefully, I can be of assistance for one of those smart business decisions.

I’m here to help you navigate the ultra complicated merchant processing side of your business. My goal is to make the complicated, simple. An advocate for your business.

I am well aware that merchant processing is not a priority for most businesses. Many have the attitude that it’s a necessary evil and put it on the back burner, hoping they never have to deal with it again. A just set it and forget it annoyance.

I’m here to change that! Keeping on top of your merchant processing plan is just as critical as any other piece of your business puzzle. A few months in the wrong merchant processing plan may be the difference between staying in business or going out of business. Getting by in business or thriving in business.

While you may get several salesperson types walking in or calling on a regular basis, I want to be the person that you can call to get straight answers. My approach is much consultant than sales. I know that over time, if I help people vs sell people, they will see my heart and desire to help.


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