GoTab is a game changing restaurant, bar, food truck, brewery or other food/drink industry product. COVID changed everything and with staffing shortages, across the board price increases, food and drink merchants need to find ways to not only survive but to thrive, now and into the future. Like everything else, necessity creates change and change creates adoption. This isn’t a fad, it’s what next.

Demo = Mind. Blown.

Elevated Guest Experience

Let the customer dictate what their needs are by allowing them to order their own food and drink. Eliminate typical friction points such as waiting for a server to take an order, waiting in line, requesting additional item on the menu and waiting for the bill. When the customer is in charge of their own experience, they appreciate well executed service all the more.

Pre-pandemic restaurant surveys concluded that 73% of restaurant goers were not satisfied with their experience. Imagine where that number may be now with short staffing and the other challenges that restaurants are currently experiencing.

No waiting | Scan SQR Code see menu | Order food/drink | Order an additional item (or two) | Enjoy the contactless experience | Pay (higher tickets prices with better server tips)


Operations & Staffing

GoTab will streamline your front of the house and back of the house operations. As a result, your bottom line will see higher per ticket prices, more on the fly food/drink orders. Execute the plan, see results.

If your are perpetually or periodically short staffed, GoTab can be added on the fly, used everyday or for specific situations/needs. GoTab can be a stand-alone solution or used in conjunction with your current POS & credit card processing.

Run your business, don’t let it run you | More Efficient | Focus On Guest Ordered Tasks | Exponentially Increase Server to Table Ratio | Higher Ticket Prices | No More Printing Menus | Fewer Headaches, Less Stress, Happier Staff | Increase Server Tips


More Frequent Guest Visits = Higher Profits

I personally enjoy frequenting establishments that know me and provide consistent, quality services along with a great product. With GoTab, keep your guests coming back by simply allowing technology, combined with service with a smile to do a lot of the heavy lifting. GoTab has everything you need to increase guest visits and loyalty. With that, your bottom line will start seeing a lot less red and a lot more black.

Increase guest visits with specials or discounts | More predictable outcomes | More loyalty |Increased business value | Higher profits


Current GoTab User- Testimonials

Use Cases & Studies

Product Features & Insights

Ideal For GoTab:

Add’l Product Features

Continuous Ordering

Server Requests

Order To Kitchen

ID Check (Alcohol Purchases)

Order Pick Up



ID’d for Alcohol

Sales Reports

Split Checks

Text Receipts

Group Ordering

En Route Ordering

Favorite Items

Search By Tags

Menu Management

Secure Payments

Real-Time Notifications


Comps & Discounts


Table Management

Contact Tracing

Social Ordering

 Two-Way SMS


Benefits To Merchants

Maximize Operational Efficiencies

Minimize Staffing Headaches

Eliminate Payment Friction

Use Your Current POS

Higher Ticket Price

Increase in impulse charges

Higher Per Table Revenue

Increased Server Tips

Stand Alone Product or Compliment Current POS

Assured order accuracy

Automatic ID request for alcohol

Reduce comped items (via input errors)

Servers are more focused (less frazzled, more efficient)

Sales analytics

Guest analytics

Add guest paid fees to cover costs

On the fly menu changes

No need to print menus

Server to table increase of approx 50-100%

Eliminate dine and dash

Complete backend management

Automate guest receipts


Benefits To Your Guests

100% in control of their own experience

Browse menu, order and pay from your phone

No waiting in line to make order (sit down and to go)

Easy to order ‘another  round’

Make on the fly requests

No need to track down a server

Minimize unnecessary server interruptions

Responsible for their own ordering errors (if desired)

Highlight food allergies or special requests

Favorite items for future ordering

Eliminate friction to pay bill

Receive receipt(s) via email

Save To Go QSR for future orders

Accumulate loyalty points

*SMS notifications for specials, happy hour, highlighted menu items, etc

Search menu by tags

Built-In expectation of an extra fee

Order courses as desired

Notified to show ID for alcohol




Ready To Thrive?

GoTab- Insightz

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