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Accept Payments Online & In-Person. Get Paid Faster & Minimize Collection Float

Our payment options virtually eliminate the typical hassles that frequently comes with receivables and collections. Thereby, freeing up cash flow so you can focus on what you do best.

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A Complete Invoicing & Payments Suite

Eliminate the ‘checks in the mail’ syndrome and offer invoice delivery and payment options that is preferred by your clients and customers.

Invoicing Suite

An all-in-one invoicing suite that let’s you create detailed, line-item one-time or recurring invoices. Send via email, SMS or place a hosted payment page link on your website. Set net terms for quicker payments. Color coded to see who needs a nudge or more aggressive collections. Virtually set it and forget it accounts receivable.

Payment Suite

Make getting paid fast & easy! Accept credit, debit and ACH payments. We have programs that can completely offset the typical expense of accepting credit cards, too. All-in-one product management platform makes it easy to collect feedback, prioritize features and nail product releases.


Problems Need To Be Solved

You know there’s an issue but avoiding them just kicks the can. We believe that most payment, receivable and collection problems are much less complex than most people think they are. 


Slow Pay = Delayed Cash Flow

Are you financing your customer receivables due to slow payers or ineffective net terms? If so, with each passing day for an unpaid invoice, you are literally losing just shy of 1% of your total unpaid invoice amount over a 45 day period. Or, .02bps per day annualized. (with a sample prime rate of 7%- cost of funds). You need a payment strategy, not more patience.


Expensive Processing Costs

Credit card processing costs are a typical top 5 fixed expense for most contractors and service pros that choose this widely accepted form of payment. That cost is trending higher with rising interchange rates.
But, eliminating credit card acceptance will most certainly delay receivables and cash flow. Or, even worse, prohibit you from getting the job in the first place. You need a strategy, not the status quo.



Poor Payment Options

If you are only accepting paper checks, you are officially in the dark ages. Paper checks take significantly more time to process, are less secure, can get lost and if they are stamped and mailed, take that much longer to receive. 
Paper checks cost an average of $10.00 to handle once received. The old way is no longer the best way. You need a strategy that encourages your clients and customer to pay you how they want to pay and limit their options.

Something Needs To Change

You’re Not In The Collections Business!!!

Stop chasing your tail, wasting time and burning through profit in order to get paid. You did your job and fulfilled your end of the bargain. If any of the common scenarios to the right sounds familar, something needs to change.


Bounced or returned paper checks.


Payments made well after agreeable net terms.


The ‘check is in the mail’ syndrome.


Inefficient & wasteful receivable practices.


Field Reps waiting around for the owner/key personnel after the job is complete.

There’s a better way.

We help solve problem by distilling them down and presenting options that you can use, that minimize headaches and are easy put into daily practice. Here are the most common best practices to help you get paid faster.

Solve Problem # 1- Slow Pay/Delayed Cash Flow

Make It Easy For Them To Pay

Stop getting in the way by limiting payment choices. In many cases, it’s like walking over a dollar to save a dime. 


Remove friction.


Send invoices via email and SMS.


Allow them to securely pay via payment links or hosted payment pages.


Offer payment choices that make it quicker and easier to pay.


Offer clear, firm and fair net terms. 


Automate the entire process.

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Solve Problem # 2- Expensive Processing Costs

Reduce Costs With One Simple, Easy To Execute Strategy

Offering payment choice is one thing but not if the most expensive option hurts your business. Offer choice but with better predeterminated outcomes.


Offset expensive processing costs.


Appeal to less expensive options.


Make payment processing a neutral event, not a burden.


All options speed up payment times.


Regardless of the choice they make, you win.

Solve Problem # 3- Poor Payment Options

Provide Alternative Payment Options

Sending a pdf invoice almost guarantees that you will receive a paper check and it’s associated delays. Send a digitized email/SMS invoice (with payment link). Offer payment choices. Get. Paid. Faster.


You must offer credit & debit card payments. We recommend offsetting the processing fees.


Offering ACH payments or Real-Time Payments is almost instantaneous. For many, a preferred option.


We offer financing options so you never have to deal with receivables or collections.

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Get. Paid. Faster.

Let your customers pay how they want to pay. Don’t get in the way or overcomplicate it. Eliminate Friction. Maximize profit.

Payment Links

Email and SMS invoicing with payment links for faster, more secure payments. Accept credit/debit cards and ACH. Payments can be made immedaitely upon receipt.

Hosted Payment Pages

A hosted payment page that allows payments to be processed from your website but with hosted PCI security outside the scope of your website. 

Invoicing Suite

Our virtual terminal features a built-in electronic invoicing suite, allowing merchant to easily collect payments by simply sending an email and/or SMS to your customers.

One-Time, Recurring & Scheduled Payments

Setting up any payment schedule is quick and easy. With ‘set it and forget it’ capabilities.

All-Inclusive Processing

Quickly authorize various payment types including all major credit cards, signature debit cards, e-Checks and ACH payments

Customer Vault

Store your customers information, securely (using their preferred payment method(s)). All the sensitive data is tokenized.

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93% of Companies Experience Regular Late Payments

Digitizing, automation and removing payment friction are absolutes. The minimal exvestment of time and money will pay for itself almost immediately.

Case Study: Getting Paid Faster With Technology & Payment Choice

Disclaimer: this was not a scientific study. We took 12 of our current clients, used their data (before working with us) and compilled the data herein.

We determined that when combining different ways to pay and the delivery of those options resulted in a 79% increase in the speed at which they got paid. The average time to get paid previously (mostly via paper checks) was 39 days. Using our Paymentz Platform or one of our other gateway options, resulted in getting paid 30.81 days faster. Making the average payment time 8.19 days total.



79% Increase in payment speed

98% Chance of Business Procurment

Industry Study: Payment Options & Likelihood of Business Procurement

PYMTs (industry publication) does a regular survey of why customers choose a merchant to do business with. While the reasons are vast, one in particular stood out. All things being equal (price, location, offerings, etc), customers chose one particular merchant over another due to the payment choices offered.

In other words, if you accept payment in the manner at which someone prefers to pay, you are 98% more likely to win their business.

Join hundreds of happy customers

Read what a handful of our satisfied customers are saying about our mobile and online payment options for contractors and service pros. .

As a large company, our tendency was to overthink even the most basic functions within our business. When we spoke with our PS Rep, we realized how simple the actual A/R process could be. 

Jerry S

Controller, Commercial Electricians

At one point, we stopped accepting credit cards. The cost was too high. But, we had to go back because that’s how our customers want to pay. When we were introduced to Doug, our entire payment process changed, for the better.

Dakota S.

Owner, Heating & Air

In the past, we had to bribe people to make a timely payment. Now, our process is so simple and easy that I don’t have to worry about making those dreaded collection calls.

Samantha G

Bookkeeper, Painting Contractor

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost?

Short answer. It depends on what your needs are. The cost to use our technology platforms are very inexpensive and will vary somewhat based on the volume of processing and any extra hardware that you may need. 

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Absolutely! If we don’t meet your expectations, we won’t force you to keep paying.

Do you offer any support?

Yes! Exceptional support, in fact.

Do you offer training?

We can. But, in most cases the payment products that we offer are so easy to use, a demo is typically all that is needed.

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