Here is a very transparent admission. We started this company to be a consultant, not salespeople. Merchant processing is a very challenging industry and many business owners simply accept their fate with the last program that they signed with. As a result, billions of excess dollars are paid out unnecessarily. Our purpose was and still is to be your advocate, to stay on top of your merchant account and advise of changes as needed. 

Something changed! While our consulting model is still intact, we had to have a come to Jesus moment and look in the mirror. Many of the merchant programs that we recommended previously are simply outdated, not competitive and frankly not beneficial in todays climate.

Cash discounting programs have been around a few years now but like many, it seemed like a fad or a non-starter. That is, until COVID hit and businesses started suffering. While some resisted cash discounting others embraced it.  Many merchants started saying, “I have nothing to lose” by switching to a cash discount program. But, with sales down and expenses the same, they had everything to lose if they kept the status quo.

Then, it hit us. Even the merchants that managed to keep their heads above water, were perfect candidates for the right cash discount program. Why? Several reasons: 1) reduced expenses, 2) a seamless process, 3) no hardware changes necessary (mostly) and 4) no more regret for not staying more on top of your merchant account. The bottom line is, what most merchants have become accustomed to will change for the better, and forever.

The right cash discount program will free you up to run your business, minimize headaches and put your merchant processing on auto-pilot, forever. You’ll never have to worry about being overcharged. And, you’ll actually understand your merchant statement. Meaning, the right cash discount program will be your last merchant account.

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