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As a merchant solutionz company, we prefer to specialize in a handful of productz or programz that tend to meet the specific needs of

Why ACH & eChecks

Transact swiftly and securely with our breakthrough Payment Cards Industry (PCI) Level 1 compliant paymentz processing platform. Eliminate chargebacks, increase approvals and reduce false declines. Our platform supports 3D secure transactions, protecting merchants from the all-to-common “friendly fraud” lurking everywhere.

Our platform exceeds the needs of every industry, providing rapid 3rd party integrations (takes 10 minutes or less), built-in multilevel interchange optimization for those that accept credit cards and do not want to offer dual pricing/cash discounting options to their customers.

We have *card present and card not present options available. *Card present options may have slightly different program details.

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ACH is a computerized network for electronic funds transfers using the bank’s routing and account numbers for account identification. ACH is especially useful when setting up recurring monthly bill payments for repeated and continued goods and services and subscription payments. 

Today, paper checks are outdated and subject to loss or fraudulent activity. ACH is more efficient than waiting for a paper check or money order to arrive and be deposited. Get paid faster and with less cost as ACH fees are generally lower than credit and debit card processing.

Overall, ACH processing is fast, more secure, convenient and hassle free. *Deposits may be deposited same day but typicall 1-3 business days is the norm.

*Will depend on time of day and amount being paid.

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