About Us

Merchant Solutionz is a provider agnostic, consulting firm for the merchant/payment industry. Our service is based on the Consulting as a Service (CaaS) model. Our main emphasis is to assist merchants and independend software vendors (ISV’s) in identifying pain points, reducing expenses and then proposing solutions to maximize profit potential.

Industry Background

The merchant/payment processing industry has developed a horrible reputation over the years. The typical merchant/payment sales person that you likely have encounted has the ‘next best thing’ or the one-size fits all solution that you have been dreaming about. But, how does one really know who is best suited for you when they all seemingly say the same thing? With so much industry confusion, you may never really know what merchant solution may be most ideal for your situation.

Our Value Proposition

We have multiple processors for almost every merchant scenario. We will assess your current processor and provide options if a change may be in your best interest. In some cases, staying put may be optimal. We stay abreast of vendor programs, rates, processor servicing, etc so you can do what you do best. Even if you utilized a recommendation previously, a better program/rate may come along that we think would be a better fit. If that happens, we’ll let you know. In fact, we encourage most merchants to only consider month to month or short-term agreements so they do not limit their options if a change if warranted/necessary.

Our Promise

First, a disclaimer.: We make money when a merchant/ISV we are working with enrolls through a processor that we have a relationship with. We have dozens of relationships that fill particular niches and/or industries. That being said, we do not care who you enroll with. The decision has to make good business and financial sense for you. If not, we won’t recommend a change. Our promise to you is that we will look out for your best interest and represent what we do and how we do it in a professional and transparent fashion. We will be there before, during and after the sale to assist as needed.

We are your advocate


We are not beholden to any processor. We will remain fiercely independent so that our clients have the best possible outcomes.





Processor Agnostic

We definetely have our favorites but if a particular program will not work to your benefit, we’ll find a program that will.




Earning your trust is more than saying the right things. We have nothing to hide. What you see, is what you’ll get.


We do not prefer contracts, thus it gives our clients the option of changing processors/programs as desired.