LaddersFree is one of the biggest and probably the most successful national window cleaning service providers in United Kingdom. They shared their 10 critical success factors applicable to any service providing business which paved their way to success in their own space.

1. Make your proposition a Luxury, Not a Commodity.

Independent of the type of your service, you should work on making your proposal a luxurious offer for the customers, which they don’t want to miss. Rather than strategic pricing, you should better set high standards so that potential clients value your offer.

2. Hire the Best People.

The people you recruit, are your most precious asset as they are the ones who determine whether your business will be a success or a failure. Without the right people, you can only dream to be successful. Keep this in your mind and then go on in making your core team possessing the right qualities in the right amount so that they can keep your business steady, competitive and successful.

3. A Company Website is critical to success.

On the internet, so much of the business is won or lost. Even if you got the best people and standards, you may still be missing out on your customers, due to the reason that your website is not competent enough and is unsuccessful in delivering the desired results. It is mandatory to regularly update the company’s website.

4. People Buy from People.

Theoretically, you can get a huge business, but in reality, it requires work. By the help of networking, you can help others.

Face-to-face meetings with people are great for the business, because clients often look for consultation before requesting your service.

5. Consider Contracts/Service Agreements.

If you offer attractive contracts, your business can be future-proofed and a reliable income is ensured. You can build your trust with the client by longer contracts. To gain client’s trust, you may offer a little discount or a complimentary service additionally.

6. Know the Competition.

A part of your business strategy should be reserved for competitor analysis. Always keep your competition in your sight, their strengths, weaknesses, everything that you need to know in order to always stay one step ahead.

7. Upsell.

Although you have some core services which are your basic business, yet, you can enhance your work any time with your client by upselling. A customer should be encouraged to purchase something additionally.

For instance, at LaddersFree, window cleaning services are core services, but they also proceed to offer cladding cleaning, gutter cleaning and some other services for building cleaning. This practice enhances turnover and is more profitable.

8. Know Your Target Market.

If you know your own target market, you can tailor your business according to their requirements. You should first decide what kind of customer you want to attract and their business size. It will help in the competitor analysis as well as the marketing strategy.

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