There is no doubt that owning and operating a business is difficult and challenging for small business owner as he has to sort out things and these things have become more difficult and unclear after COVID-19.

Mentioned below are few effective ways to boost your motivation towards your business.

1. Know your Why

It can be quite helpful returning to your “why” when you’re stuck and feel unmotivated. Why did you establish your business in first place? Who inspired you to go ahead with concept? How did you get yourself motivated and start working on your idea? This will help you combat your unmotivated state and encourage you to take steps.

2. Plan Ahead

We sometimes feel demotivated due to fear of unknowns that awaits us in future. In addition, our negative thoughts made us feel terrified and demotivated to move on.

The best approach to deal with this is to prepare for the worst-case. You can support your business in difficult times by creating various income sources.

3. Get Rid of your inner Perfectionist

You may use your perfectionist side for good. It can, however, prevent you from acting without first perfecting the work. This might trap you in a never-ending cycle of trying to make everything ideal without taking any practical steps. As a result, think about eliminating the perfectionist within you.

4. Eliminat Distractions

As a small business owner, distraction is one of the most demotivating factors. You can easily become distracted when you feel anxious and exhausted. Therefore, careful steps should be taken to eradicate all distractions.

5. Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People

You always need people same as you when you’re demotivated, so that they support you and help you to overcome these difficult times. It’s good to talk to friends and family members. However, try to interact with other entrepreneurs and owners of small business to stay motivated to achieve your objectives.

6. Interact with your Community

Your business does not only impact your life, but it also has its consequence on the lives of customers. You can use social media or emails to interact with your customers or community and to know what impact you have on your customers.

7. It’s Okay to Pivot

You might trap in a situation where you can’t find a way out, you become demotivated. In such situation, it’s good to retreat and consider your options. This will allow you to advance in your business decisions.


It’s natural for a small business owner to lose motivation and focus on what’s going wrong. But taking deliberate action is the most effective way out of this situation.

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