You need to understand them before overcoming them

Initiating a business is a huge accomplishment for a lot of entrepreneurs. However, the next important part of maintaining it, is not easy. A lot of challenges are faced by all kinds of businesses, regardless of their size. Among them, there are developing a brand, getting suitable

people hired, building a customer base, gaining the trust of customers and so on. However, few are solely the problems of small business, which are no longer faced by large companies.

Given below are the most important challenges faced by small businesses:

Important tips

  • A small business must not rely on a single client.
  • Seeking professional help for the money management problems helps the owner of small business to pay more attention on the operating concerns.
  • Finding the equilibrium between long working hours and the success of business is crucial.
  • Such a situation must be avoided where business discontinues in the absence of small business owner.
  • Initializing a small business may not be same as a freelancing work.

    1.Client dependence

If more than half of one’s income comes from a single client, then he is better be an independent contractor than being a business owner. In growing any business, the diversification of client base is of tremendous importance. It can prove challenging especially when that particular client pays enough and observes time. Having such a client is a God’s gift in many small businesses.

Sadly, it may result in a long lasting handicap due to the reason that even if there are employees and everything, there still be the part played of a subcontractor rather than a business owner, in a business which can be a lot more significant. Such a situation allows the client to save himself from the risk of payroll addition in such an area which may run out of work any time. As a result, small business owner and his employees will be at risk. It can only work if the main client consistently needs your service or product.

2.Money management

To cover all the bills, there must be enough money; not only for business but also for each individual. Between your business and your life, one of them will most likely appear as a capital drain which pressurizes the other. In order to overcome this problem, owners of small business should either capitalize heavily or gain some additional income to uphold the cash reserves whenever necessary. This is the reason behind initiation of many small businesses when the founders are doing a job and also developing a business at the same time. The splitting of mind while growing a business can prove challenging; plus, running short of money also contributes to the difficulties of growing business.

The management of money gains more significance when business is flourishing and making money. Even though handling business matters like taxation and accounting can be done by most of the business owners, still professional help holds its significance. With every client, increases the complexities of company’s records. So, assistance can sought on bookkeeping, which can stop it from being the reason behind not expanding.


The continuous working hours and the constant pressure of showing good performance exhaust even the most hardworking ones. In a number of cases, even the successful business owners spend large amount of their time working even more than their own employees. Furthermore, there lies a fear in their minds that their business might collapse in their absence, consequently they refuse to take any time to relax and rest.

Fatigue may lead to bad decisions on part of the business, which may also include a desire of ending it completely. In a small business evolution, it is a challenge to find a momentum to keep the business flourishing without the cost of its owner’s morale.

  • In general, it is better if a business has a varied client base, so that they would be able to pick up the slack if any one client stops paying.

    4.Founder dependence

If you meet an accident, will your business still keep going the next day? If a business can’t continue without its owner, it is a business facing a deadline. A lot of businesses can’t stand founder independence. Such a situation is usually caused when the founder is not willing to assign certain responsibilities and decisions to others when the business starts growing.

Theoretically, it is easy to overcome this challenge. It seems quite simple that a business owner simply has to hand over some control to his partners or employees. Practically, however, it is a huge hesitating point for the founders due to the reason that it comes with the cost of compromising on the work quality. But, usually this is only the initial problem. Soon, the person new to the task learns to fit the shoes.

  • Growth should never come at the cost of quality. Both are mandatory in small business.

    5.Balancing quality and growth

Even if a business is no longer founder-dependent, a time comes when problems in growth appear to coincide with or even exceed the benefits. A product or a service, sometimes, may ask for a business sacrifice in order to scale up. It may also be put in such a way that an inability to maintain a personal relationship with every client or personally inspecting every product.

Sadly, a depiction of personal attention and engagement is what ensures the success of a business. That is why, a lot of small business owners get themselves bound to these habits, much to their loss on part of development. There is a huge gap between poor-quality work and a dangerous obsession with the product quality. It depends on the owner of the business that how does he finds the compromising ways to ensure growth without the brand defamation.

The Bottom Line

There are serious challenges confronted by small businesses. Entering a business without keeping in view the challenges ahead is one of the most unfavorable things that can happen to a business owner. An overlook to help overcome such challenges has been given, but it is highly unlikely that one can avoid such challenges in small business.

And yet, one of the most frequent reasons for people to start their own business is a competitive urge. Also, every challenge shows the way towards a new opportunity of competition.

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