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Margins are tightening, expenses are going up & uncertainty looms. Now, more than ever, you need an advocate to help navigate the all-to confusing payment processing arena.

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Common Pain Points

Unknown Real Effective Rates

With interchange rates adjusting twice annually, do you really know your processing rate?

Poor Support

In such a competitive arena, it makes no sense to put up with poor support with a merchant processor.

Junk Fees

There are rare exceptions but these fees tend to be a profit center (at your expense).

Compliance, Security & Fraud

Encryption and network security are absolutes.


Working with processors that integrate easily with most payments systems is ideal.

A Complex Industry

Excess Merchant Fees (in billions)

Merchant Processor Options

Tech Options

Payment Types


Merchant Trends

As a merchant, you have to find every means necessary to increase sales/profit & reduce costs. Credit cards and contactless payment processing is a huge cost that you must stay on top of to survive. Additionally, holding processors accountable or switching altogether can be make or break as well. We can help!

  • Businesses with Significant Revenue Decline (since 1/2020) 51% 51%
  • Merchant Processor Satisfaction 82.7% 82.7%
  • Credit/Debit Card Usage 84.3% 84.3%

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